Finally get LinkedIn Ads working the way you want them to

Linklo helps you control your LinkedIn ad campaigns with mind-blowing precision.

So you can drop CPL, cut overspending, and improve performance without checking Campaign Manager every hour.

Show me how in a demo

“Like a cheat code for LinkedIn ads.”

Linklo shows you what you can’t see clearly in Campaign Manager. Giving you the full picture of your campaigns’ performance.

Plus, it lets you set up automations and alerts so you can stay on top of it all – even when you’re not in Campaign Manager.

No more panic-toggling
campaigns on and off

Check out how marketing agencies, freelance PPC experts, and advertisers are managing their ad campaigns with mind-blowing precision – with Linklo.


KICK up ROAS, punch down CPL

See which time slots have the biggest impact on your ads, down to the hour of each day of the week. And set up an automated schedule so your ads get more air time when payoff is likely to be bigger.

Getting you (or your clients) more bang out of every buck.


Never overspend by accident

Set up automations that pause campaigns before you hit your thresholds and reactivate them when budget’s renewed. While you stay on top with regular alerts sent to your email, Slack, or Teams.

Meaning you’ll never have an awkward conversation about your spend – ever again.


Double down on actual winners

Run performance analyses across an unlimited number of creatives and see which results are statistically significant across CTR, CPL, CAC, and more with a 95% confidence interval.

So you can instantly pause losers and double down on your real high performers.

Getting started is easier than you think


Get your account set up
(we’ll do that for you).


Connect to the LI ads API to
pull your data into Linklo.


Dig in and start exploring all
the different settings.

Within just 5 minutes of using Linklo, you can:

✅ Spot a scheduling opportunity and setup an automation to test it.

✅ Run a historical analysis to find last week’s highest-performing creative.

✅ Set up a budget automation that’ll pause a campaign before you overspend.

Finally get LinkedIn ads working
the way you want them to

Pick up the reins and get control of your
LinkedIn ad campaigns with Linklo.

Show me how in a demo

This is the tool I wish I had while spending $2M+ on LinkedIn ads

Hey I’m Matt Hayman. B2B marketing agency owner and founder of Linklo.

And over the last 15 years I spent way too much time in Campaign Manager, manually pulling data into spreadsheets so I could see it better, and turning campaigns on and off to balance spend and performance.

It was exhausting. And I wished there was a better way. But there wasn’t.

So I built it.

The result is Linklo. And today, 20+ advertisers and agencies are already using it to control their LinkedIn ad campaigns with incredible precision.

So if you’ve ever struggled with the same, then let me show you how Linklo works in a demo. I promise it’ll be worth your time.

Our Pricing Plans

Pricing is based on your total LinkedIn ad spend, whether you manage one account or one hundred.

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Custom Pricing

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Monthly Spend

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up to $5k


up to $25k


up to $100k


up to $250k



Custom Pricing

Unlimited Accounts. No Contracts.